Queens Cast & Brandy – Tomorrow’s Another Day Lyrics

Tomorrow’s Another Day Lyrics By Queens Cast & Brandy

I’ve done a lot of things  in my life
That I  know can’t be changed no matter how I try
I know my choices have pushed people away
But I wanna believe…tomorrow’s another day
Gotta silence these voices that scream in my head
Tellin’ me there is no redemption for me
Send me a whisper of courage instead
So I can believe tomorrow’s another day

Do I deserve good things? / Do I deserve my blessings?
I’ve been pushin’ myself to keep holding onto my dreams
Is happiness possible? / Or will I lose it all?
Tell me…..Tell me

Tryna stay in the present / but here comes my past
Makin’ a mess of things like a vase that’s cracked
But I won’t let it break me / I won’t let it take me back
Cuz I gotta believe tomorrow’s another day

They say anything’s possible / Sometimes it seems impossible
When it looks like trouble just follows me…wherever I go
I’m here fighting a war / Don’t wanna be afraid no more
No more…No no no more

Though I’ve done a lot of things in my life
That I know can’t be changed no matter how hard I try
It doesn’t mean that I won’t find my way
Because I believe tomorrow’s another day
I believe tomorrow’s another day