Pressure Lyrics By Cassper Nyovest

Pressure Lyrics By Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest Pressure Lyrics

It’s like 5 am in the morning I just left the club in Central London
I don’t think my accountant is gonna like what I spent tonight
I deserve it though

I got way too much to say
Failing to bottle the rage
I really thought that I changed but now I’m back to my ways
Y’all niggas ran out of luck
I smell the blood like a shark

I’m ’bout to f*ck up the game
I’m still in love with the art
Money too long for the dwarfs, y’all ain’t ready for me
Y’all ain’t ready for me
Look, I wasn’t tryna relapse
You know I fathered your style, now you wanna act like my dad
Nigga, just f*ckin’ relax
Your head too big for the cap, yeah

Y’all ’bout to get under pressure, yеah
Y’all ’bout to get under pressurе, uh
Lalela my nigga lalela, uh uh
Lalela my nigga lalela, uh, sh!t

I got too much on my mind
My son is sickly as well
I think I’m goin’ through hell
I need that nigga alive
(I need that nigga alive, sh!t)
The game ain’t built for the weak

Since Nadia left I feel exposed and alone ’cause y’all niggas ain’t ridin’ for me
Nigga, nobody fightin’ for me
But, I’m so used to it now
Y’all wanna tell me that everybody was pretendin’?
I mean, y’all niggas used to be proud
Y’all niggas used to be proud, yeah

Nigga y’all can’t humble my act
Provoke me and hope that I stay quiet ’cause y’all know I can’t fumble the bag
Talkin’ ’bout how I sampled a track
And how I managed to double my cash
Let them know that the Double is back
I’ve heard enough of you mumbling raps

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Niggas is caught in the web
Akies bhay’ so fede voetsek
A new pair of 990s just to put my whole foot in your ass
The door Is closed, we kick it to palamel
We snuck to the back, the system was unaware

It couldn’t went far if you listen, ha no omamel’
Don’t want your compliments if they disses to someone else
What’s the life?
What’s the hype?
Yo, what a time!
Ayy, What a life!
I should be, really really chuffed to be me right now
Cause I became a legend before I died

And I know y’all feeling the pressure
I know y’all feeling the pressure, ayy
Mamela my nigga mamela
Mamela my nigga mamela

I just f*cked a model b!tch two minutes ago
And she don’t speak English at all
She love the fact that I ball
She felt my d!ck in her soul
I thought a nigga was old

But I still got the energy
I know that I got too many enemies
But if I black out I could blame that on my melanin
Graveyard life, yeah, I got too many skeletons
But I can’t tell it all ’cause I know that I would shock my therapist
Hella rich!

b!tch, it’s all about The Benjamins, the Dube’s
Only old nigga with a new wave
I can multiply myself you’d think that I was cool aid
The Drip, Root of Fame done gave a nigga some new legs
Ithuthe, instead of hatin’ gore ke pude
All my enemies fell off, re ba sule
A bully, and I make sure never ke luze
You could take a trip to Maftown o botse Lude, mmh

I know y’all feeling the pressure, mmh
Lalela my nigga lalela
Khuzeka my nigga khuzeka, eh
Khuzeka my nigga khuzeka

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Y’all don’t want this, innit?
Somethin’ light, innit?