Potter Payper – Daily Duppy 5mill special 2022 Lyrics

Daily Duppy 5mill special 2022 By Potter Payper

5ive Music

I’m in the hood you can’t go
With my chain and my watch on
I’m not the sort of man you really wanna give a drop on
You tryna get a duppy, like every beat I hop on
I’m the sort of G, feds try and put a lock on
I bought a couple Glocks, but I weren’t tryna put the block on
One man make him curl up, like a croissant
I knew what it was
I just had to play possum
Amiri ripped jeans, but they’re tailored at the bottom
Since I come home, I’ve got money spending problems
My biggest problem’s still tryna fix people’s problems
And now it feels like
I’ve got never ending options
We manifest these millions
And failures out the question
She don’t want my money, all she want is my affection
I won’t let her love me
She can barely get attention
She gone take this bag
And she ain’t worried bout the contents
But let me give this sh!t some context

See I’m a 90’s baby
From a council home
I was raised by granny
God bless her soul
And my dad came from Africa
With dreams of gold
I know the first thing he probably said is
‘London’s cold’
And my mothers been a G
And we don’t speak in code
I’ve been out here so long
I’ve seen the streets evolve
I’m making million pound plays
I came from grease in bowls
They make my cringe when they act like they been involved
He gone make the bogeyman come and steal he’s soul
I’m a Great White Shark
I’ll eat him whole
I’m the hood manager
Whole squad on go
And I’ve even got a striker, that I leave in goal
In my comments on the gram it’s just ‘GOAT GOAT GOAT’
She in love with who I am, she give me throat throat throat
How you hate me just for winning
We was both so close
Every single time I hit it, she like
‘Don’t go ghost!’
I’m on the A40 in this SVR
And we’re pissed if feds
Intercept this car
I got bruddas that’ll ? and take the charge
I put my trust in my gun
And leave the rest to God

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I don’t
Set the bar
I am the bar
You don’t
Get the bar
Don’t sweat the bar
She got a face like Saweetie
But the rest Minaj
She gets me socks and boxers
In a extra large
I’m with some G’s in your city
No jewels, but we still got tools
Anybody moving funny
I ain’t making no calls
I know everybody round me leaves marrow on walls
Round here we got work
Like Horses and Fools
I got young boys, who really make badman pause
Everybody knows I used to sleep on floors
Now I got gyal waiting on all fours
You already know she gonna do me like chores