Picazo – Holy Ghost Fire Lyrics

[Picazo – Holy Ghost Fire Lyrics]

Ar Connect the shiit ar link up
We coming in full ati n bor
Overstanding Akinbo
Holy ghost fire f yaaaaaaa

10 over ten got 0
Ar f*ck up the game like dildo
Sapa they yarn owu they talk
Holy ghost fire fire yaaaa

Welcome to the headquarters
Pikky vero won ni welcome sir
My spirit and Vibe them be wan
Bust out
Sor mo sor fun verb make e record am

h*rny flows to ma je flow
To ma je kor da
Pakurumor no be pure water
The journey long e Dey near
The story long they be wan cut am

Ar be fire won ni coool
Awon girls yii mori mi wuuu
Coming in twos am coming with crews
We kill the beat not beat around the bush

Again and a gain mehn at never loose
Am taking it serious buh all na cruise
Chicken yash telephone wire talking to me man Buh look you

Ar connect the connect the shii
Ar link up
We coming in full ati n bor
Over standing akinbo
Holy Ghost Fire fayaya

10/10 got 0
I f*ck up the game like dildo
Sapa Dey yarn owu they talk
Holy Ghost fir fayaya

We be rapper bur armor rin kor
If u export am ar am import
Married to the game rap na my in-law
Ja ka lor down town ka gba mixture

Whenever are come around they
Wan dance
Tell me what is all about I wan hear
Sare worle un announce them to wan vex
Criminal ni boy yen na wanted

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Airoplane oo dabor ba mi ki iya mi elekor
Ale sede meta kpor oun tunda ki lefesor
Awon temi na pepper then gang them tomato like ketchup
All about the money welcome not about the money get lost