Phyna cries when Biggie separates her from Groovy (Watch Video)

Phyna In Tears As Biggie Separate Her From Groovy
Phyna In Tears As Biggie Separate Her From Groovy



Big Brother switched things up on the housemates on Friday night after ordering Deji and Groovy to move houses.

The housemates had finished their debates and other presentation for the night before Biggie announced that Level 1 emerged the winner of the wager challenge.

After the housemates had completed their task, Biggie called on Deji and announced that he would be moved to the second level.

As if that was not enough, Biggie surprised level one housemates as he announced that their favourite housemate, Groovy, should move to level two.

While Deji’s move came as no surprise (Big Brother notified the fake housemate during his week’s diary session), Groovy’s was shocking enough to get the level two housemates protesting.

In the video, Groovy can be heard trying to console Phyna as she sobs, asking her to pull herself together and concentrate on the game.

From my point of view, I think Groovy was separated from Phyna so that she could concentrate on the game. Other people who use the internet have the same point of view.

According to what they stated, some were relieved that the duo was separated, while others claimed that Groovy was just engaging in gaslighting since they do not believe that he genuinely loves Phyna.

Watch the video below:


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