BBMzansi: Thato spoke about her concerns about people comparing her to Gash1

Thato and gash together1
Thato and gash together



Big Brother Mzansi star Thato addressed on Twitter her concerns about people comparing her to Gash1 because it looks like people are comparing her to Gash1.

Read what Thato said below:

I’m going to address this once
More, I have been on social media
Since 2013,

I had established a social
Media team, management team and
Content team way before I went on
The show.

None of these people are
Free I worked hard in 2021 to set aside
Enough money to be able to pay people in advance before I went
On the show so that when I come out the
In the house, I can hit the ground running ( photo
Shoots/videos and social media

Therefore it’s not fair for you to
Compare me who has been here for years
To someone who just started I.E gash

The constant back and forth about him
Not doing anything because you see me
Post daily when he’s been working day and
Night on his business breaks my heart.

He is learning the ropes of social media,
Answering emails, DMS, appearances
Himself vs me with a team is not fair.

Please do not compare me to him, it’s so

Even with my team I barely get time
Myself to communicate and reply to
Everyone or communicate, I do what I do,
As my vision and dreams dictate and I’m
Grateful for the people who wait and
Support whatever I do.

These threats of “They are going to let him
Be” or “Leave him ” bcoz he’s not
Communicating? Isn’t this being entitled to
Time and attention that he cannot even give
His own family?

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This has to stop. I know we are in a
Relationship but we are two
Completely different people and
Brands I am social media, content
And entertainment gash is an
Entrepreneur day in and day out.

May l ask before saying “He’s not doing
This ” can we say “Gash can I help
I’m not fighting to understand the
The frustration of wanting to help
Someone l get it, but please let’s be

However, please shower him with love
On the 28th
When our money is right lala?

We’ll pay people to make us tea but
Know we need to work hard. Our
Families depend on us.


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Thato 3


Thato 2