‘Over Failed Ship With Yemi, BBTitans Khosi Will Live in Regrets, Never Find Another Hot Guy’ Fans Speculates

BBTitans Khosi Will Live in Regrets,
BBTitans Khosi Will Live in Regrets,



Conversations about Yemi and Khosi’s failed relationship suddenly arose again as arguments that the BBTitans winner will never in her life meet or date a guy like Cregx again.

The BBTitans’ fans exchanged different views about Khosi not deserving of a guy like Yemi and vice versa. Some argued that Yemi was very loyal, calm, and respectful despite his shortcomings with Blue Aiva.

Others in support of the BBTitans winner opined that she could never have settled for a guy like Cregx because he had no respect for her by playing on her intelligence in Biggie’s house.

 Bbtitans: 'Over Failed Ship With Yemi, Khosi Will Live In Regrets, Never Find Another Hot Guy'

However, tweep like @Sweetch, insisted that the Big Brother Titans winner will never meet a guy like Cregx in her present life and the life after now.

“Where will she see a tall, dark, handsome guy like him? Even Nelisa admitted that naija guys are tall and hot. She will wallow in regrets for the rest of her life.” She added.

On the other hand, @rab_nicky stressed that there are better men around the world that would treat Khosi far better than Cregx ever did in Biggie’s house.

Several other persons expressed diversified opinions about who to blame that caused the relationship to fail and the individual that would live to regret such irrational action the more.