One Life Lyrics By Dr Paul Enenche ft. Nathaniel Bassey


Dr. Paul Enenche ft. Nathaniel Bassey One Life Lyrics

Take me Lord and use me Lord as an instrument of love
Let me be acceptable,
Let me be pleasing to You
There’s one reason I’m alive and that is to live for You
Nothing else is worth the while,
Nothing else is valuable

Lord, I want to know You more
Lord, I want to see Your Face
Lord, I want to do Your will
Lord, I want to live for You
I have just one life to live
And it must glorify You
I am Yours oh Lord in time
And for all eternity

Help me not to waste my life on those things that matter not
Let me live within Your plan and Your purpose for me Lord
All I have is Yours to use
Where You send me I will go
It’s no longer I that live
For to me, to live is Christ

Lord, I have made up my mind
To follow You to the end
I have taken up the Cross
I have got no other choice
Rid me Lord of all those things that make me unqualified
As a vessel in Your Hands
So I can be useful Lord