Offset – 54321 Lyrics

Offset – 54321 Lyrics

Offset “5 4 3 2 1”
Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, Let’s go!
Panoramic b!tch, I can see right through her (see it)
Smoking on cookie, its gas manure (whoaa)
Damn, 250 racks in Allure (damn)
Know we gonna run with the pack like a wolf (go)
Thug life on me like im Tupac Shakur (thug)
35 k for the seats on the floor (racks)
Yes I’m the wave, but don’t got a shore (pshew)

Staring at me but I don’t want the wh0re (no)
Skrt, almost had crashed the rari (skrrt)
Jump off the top of the rope like Jeff Hardy (go!)
N*ggas be broke and be ready to party
Nike Mask on man im feeling like marty (woo)
Excuse me b!tch, don’t you be walking (excuse me)
Don’t got no money so you shouldn’t be talking (shh)

DMin me, b!tch you know I aint talkin (nah)
My b!tch find out she gon kill em, white chalk em (bow)
It’s a dead man (dead man)
Rocks on my neck like the flintstone, Im Bamm Bamm (rocks)
Ran up them Ms and I bought me a Lam Lam (woo)
She on my d!ck want a pic she a fan fan (fan)
Posting these racks but I know it’s a scam (scam)
Don’t cuff, a b!tch im not selfish I share em’ (share em)

Elliot pink diamonds looking like cam (pink)
He acting tough but he sweeter than yams (sweet)
2 b!tches in a rolls ghost and it scare em’ (2)
I collect sH0es and I don’t even wear em’ (nah)
25 million I get overwhelmed
Hello (hello, hello?)
I want the kitty

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I like b!tches thick with them lil bitty titties
I like b!tches rich and they know how to get it (go)
Come from the dark my wrist and neck is litty (ice)
Never quitted
You n*ggas was hating, wait in line im sh!tting (wait)
You n*ggas was hating, wait in line im sh!tting

You n*ggas was hating, wait in line im sh!tting
Ew that’s, nasty b!tch can’t catch me (can’t catch)
I’m in a lambo this b!tch nasty (nah)
This a widebody and the rims look ashy (woo)
How did this happen?
Rich n*gga habit (rich)
N*ggas aint eating and blame it on fasting (hey)

Fresh to death like I jumped outta casket (casket)
Before the COVID-19 we was masking (boom)
When I say spin it that mean imma shoot (bow)
Hop out the Maybach and prada my boot (prada)
30 mil plus and I don’t wear a suit (wear a suit)

Bust like a gusher you play with my group (bust)
Singing like Usher this choppa a fool (wooo)
Hustler customers do it for you
This n*gga broke you snooze you lose (lose)
Louis V Coat pocket filled with blues (blues)
I’m outta here 54321 (go)
Takeoff, touch my brother pull a gun (bow)
54321, 54321, 54321, 54321, 54321,
54321, 54321, 54321, 54321, 54321