Nigerian Idol 2022 Week 2 Voting Result Eliminated to Top 10

Nigerian Idol 2022 Week 2 Voting Result
Nigerian Idol 2022 Week 2 Voting Result


The result of the 2nd week of voting in Nigerian Idol in 2022, among the top 10.

The voting in Nigerian Idol Week 2 is done and the voting results/percentages are here; it was time to evict the contestants of the seventh season of the live music TV show Nigerian Idol 2022.

The Nigerian Idol show is on the go, and we can see contestants with more singing energy to win the grand prize among the Top 10; some contestants who couldn’t pull votes from voters and fans will be sent packing from Idol’s house before the finale and announcement of the winner.

Here are the vote results for week 2 in the Naija Idol season 7. The voting result gives a specific insight into the contestant topping the chart for the week and the overall strong contender in the Nigerian Idol music show.

Nigerian Idol Top 10 Voting Result 2022

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Nigerian Idol Voting Percentage for Week 2

Names of Contestants Evicted in Week two of Nigerian Idol 2022 will soon be published ASAP…

Contestants up for Top 10 eviction had moments of rethink waiting for the call of exiting contestants by IK in the Nigerian Idol 2022.