Nas – First Time Lyrics

Nas First Time Lyrics

First time
Yeah, I think we gon’ call this one the First Time
Brucie B voice

First time you heard Nas
Was you earlin’ on some gut rot liquor on two-five
Or your big brother put you on like surprise
Hearing my hood described
So vivid you could see it by closing your eyes
Maybe it was the age or the letters I wrote
When jail letters were hope
You read the credits and you saw Large Pro
Or some decrepit club where DJ S&S had buzz
I stepped on the stage with imperfections
I was messing up, or her first time
Inside a Subaru, she just had a feud with her boo
They drivin’, he put on Barbeque and I got through to you
A dude who I saw rockin’ FUBU outside Papaya’s
Told me Halftime was timeless while Armor All’n his tires
I was tryin’ to juggle Columbia Records
While dealin’ with what the country Colombia jungles had left us
First time you heard of Nas, I prolly was under some pressure
Gun in the dresser while you was baggin’ up in the kitchen playin’ my records

Your first time was you hittin’ the gas
In the whip with some ass, you never hit and she passed
Your real music test to know if she into the ad libs
Real rap shit

First time you heard Nas
You probably heard somebody say that I pick bad beats
But I pick bad freaks
Narratives they runnin’ with
The classics they comin’ with
Ain’t fuckin’ with what I recorded last week
For new guys, hope this the first time you heard Nas
It’s a special moment
A million reasons I wrote it
My shit’ll get you re-centered ’cause you can tell where my soul is
The one I’m chosen, like Bryce and Bronny their Pop ball
So they had to do it
My dad did music, I had to pursue it
And spread my wings on the helipad like Troop did
The truth is, a similar thing had happened to me
I listen to Wayne, I listen to G, I listen to Dre, I listen to me

Since when did rap leave me so suspended in air
Since Kendrick entered the atmosphere, ’09, I was there
On La Cienega
My n**** from LA said there’s a n**** from Black Hippy
I was happy to just witness history

Like the first time I heard Slick Rick
How did you feel?
(First time you heard Nas)
First time hearing Biggie
I’m like, “Who’s this kid? Wow”
(First time you heard Nas)
When I heard Pac
That was on that song with, uh, Digital Underground like
(First time you heard Nas)
Yeah, that was crazy
I really hope that this your first time

It’s somethin’ bout
First time hearing your favorite artist
Or they become to be your favorite artist after like a long time or
Or it’s instantaneous like
I know when the first time I heard Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye
Diana Ross, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder
Like, N.W.A., what the fuck is this shit kid?
I was goin’ crazy