BBMzansi: Video Highlights of Mphowadimbo homecoming party

Mpho homecoming
Mpho homecoming


Mpho homecoming Party

The first female winner of the Big Brother Mzansi “Mphowadimbo” celebrates her homecoming birthday party today since she won the show, Sis Tamara, Nthabii, and Mvelo and Themba have been recognized at the party so far.

Recall that Mpho announced that her Homecoming party is going to be officially celebrated today.

See The Picture Below:

Mphowabadimos homecoming party
Mphowabadimos homecoming party


BBMzansi: The video of Themba and Mpho that got fans talking

However, Sis Tamara, Nthabii, Themba, and Mvelo are currently at the party, fans were so much happy to see them.

Watch the videos below:


Remember that Mpho Wa Badimo or Mphowabadimo, is a South African Sangoma, YouTuber, reality star, advocate, and spiritual teacher.

The 27-year-old is from Daveyton, South Africa where she was raised by her parents. She describes herself as an outgoing, laidback, and kind personality.

Mphowabadimo is also a Sangoma. Now, who is a Sangoma? In South Africa, a Sangoma is a respected traditional healer and spiritual teacher.

While describing herself, Mphowabadimo said she’s a foodie and that she loves tattoos. She also revealed that she loves listening to music.

She also revealed she was a tomboy while growing up.

Mphowabadimo has made a make for herself as a spiritual teacher and Sangoma.

She is also a YouTuber, an advocate of idolizi, and a certified African doctor.

According to Mpho, she believes in spiritualities, traditional beliefs, and the universe which led to her choosing her career.

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However, reacting to her homecoming celebration party tomorrow, read what her fans said below.