MoStack – Fake Fake Fake Lyrics

[MoStack – Fake Fake Fake Lyrics]

Yo, when you went to hell my nigga
I would’ve gone with you
I had a bond with you
I would’ve James Bond for you
My mum mothered you
I kinda miss the other you
But you leaving my life was a W
You know I still got your back if niggas trouble you
and if you needed to lie
I would’ve covered you
Jump off a bridge?
Then f*ck it ima jump with you
Cos that’s what brothers do
Everyone but you

Everybody changed the moment I got limelight
I can’t take the fame I gotta go get my mind right
I’m locked for the day I only come out at midnight
Vampire life it got me feeling like twilight
I got so much pain that I don’t wanna say G
Cos when I let it out they go say that i’m crazy
You niggas let me down when I asked you to save me
I can’t take your words cos your actions are lazy
I tried to give back to this hating community
The hood fell apart now there’s no more unity
The love died down now there’s no more you and me
That Gyal speak french and she speak it fluently
She said Je’Taime and I feel it spiritually
Now she hates me she told the world that she’s through with me
Feds on my back not again are you kidding me?
I Put my hands up just to stop them from killing me
All these death threats but ain’t nobody drilling B
I saw them boys and they blew like Digga D
I hate being sober I really need drink in me
I took 20 shots and still nuttin ain’t hitting me
I think i’m going crazy I’m talking to hennessy
It’s Mo in the house and I’m feeling like Ali G
I can’t chill with fakes like they give me a allergy
We can’t succeed of this negative energy

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Me and the boy there could never get along
We gotta have faith man we gotta stay strong
They got rich to act bad they got the whole thing wrong
You tryna end up like Jay Z? Or end like King Von?
I’m getting so pissed off man I hate this sh!t
Cos niggas wanna claim their block but not claim their kid
Don’t ask if I’ve ever rid
That’s like asking Kim and Kanye if they kissed
You know they did
Oi member that time when I done it for Killy
That was my dawg we was Chunks and Filly
They ask where you are? I said his cool his busy
But deep down they don’t know I wanna slap you silly
I tried to give hand outs and took bare L’s
Cos they don’t wanna get money they want bare girls
That gyal chong so i had to tell her farewell
Cah her pum pum kinda had a weird smell
Yo leave me alone don’t shout me
Cos everyone that left my life’s better off without me
I saw them captions that you wrote was it about me?
The stress could’ve turned me to alchy

Man gotta remove myself from this fake sh!t
Fake rappers
Fake niggas with fake chicks
Fake b00bs
Fake ass and fake lips
Fake drillers with fake ice and fake drip
It’s all a lie
How you claiming we’re bruddas?
It’s all a lie
How she claiming we’re lovers?
It’s a lie
But you’re outside with others
It’s all a lie
It’s all a lie
It’s all a lie
It’s all a lie
It’s all a lie
It’s all a lie
It’s all a lie
It’s all a lie
It’s all a lie
16 Jun 2022

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