Most current moments from previous seasons of BBNaija

Most topical moments from previous Seasons – BBNaija
Most topical moments from previous Seasons – BBNaija

9 Most topical moments from previous Seasons of BBNaija

Many interesting moments in Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) have covered our screens over the years. Let’s take a look at some of them

Over the years, Big Brother Naija has given top-notch entertainment which has made it the biggest reality TV show in Africa.

We are speaking about the fun, dramatic, and spicy moments that characterize every season of the show. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and relieve some of those moments that made us glued to our screens.

1. Biggie and Bisola’s ultimate prank



Who would ever forget the time Biggie and Bisola pulled a fast one on the See Gobe Housemates? While with Biggie in the Diary Room to cook up the plan, Bisola had recommended to Biggie that she be fake Evicted for a reason that would not be made clear to her fellow Housemates.

The epic moment went viral thanks to Bisola’s amazing acting chops and will always be a moment to remember in BBNaija history.

2. The great punishment

Punishments are not anyone’s best friend but there are moments when Biggie has to take this route to remind Housemates of their purpose in the House.

One of these moments happened during the Double Wahala season when the Housemates had to pick and separate grains of rice from beans for breaking some of Biggie’s rules.

3. K Brule’s unexpected jump


It is not uncommon to see people in the BBNaija House hurt from issues that have to do with love but when this goes on to become physical, then it becomes a problem for Biggie and other Housemates.

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During the Double Wahala season, such an incident happened when K Brule whose feelings for Anto were unrequited had a bit too much to drink and then jumped hurting himself in the process. This led to a lot of discussions among the Housemate and was a topical moment for that Season.

4. Omashola’s missing coin



During the Pepper Dem Season, the coins used by Housemates to carry out certain transactions were a big deal and this meant they were guarded jealously by anyone in possession of them.

Unfortunately for Omashola, he left some of his unguarded and lost them to a thief.

The drama that ensued was quite interesting to watch especially when we get to find out that Ike who had a meltdown in solidarity with him, was the one who stole the coins.

5. Seyi and Tacha’s return


Seyi and Tacha were an unforgettable duo in the Pepper Dem House for many reasons. Apart from their memorable friendship which turned sour, they also had a moment when they were fake Evicted from the House.

This was especially interesting because of the duo’s dynamic with their fellow Housemates and how their return meant there were more people in the bidding for the winner’s crown.

6. Laycon speaks about his feelings


One of the highlights of the Lockdown Season was the friendship between Laycona and Erica.

Their time together in the House was filled with a lot of highs and lows that could be attributed to Laycon’s purported feelings for Erica. The dynamics between the two were a rollercoaster throughout the season.

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7. Lucy takes on the Lockdown geng


Lucy was a force to contend with in the Lockdown season and was dogged in passing across her point in conversations. These moments were quite frequent with a lot of Housemates implying that she is difficult.

One of these moments took place while the Housemates were preparing for a task and the likes of Neo, Erica and Prince let it rip as they made it clear that they were fed up with Lucy’s attitude.

8. The Wildcard palava


The Wildcards and the conversations that ensued around their presence in the House made the early parts of Season 6 quite spicy. Even with the clues given by Biggie, the Housemates couldn’t deduce who these people were and boy did they rack their brains to get it right.

The first week set the pace for what was to be one of the most exciting seasons of BBNaija yet.

9. Pere and Whitemoney’s tussle

Two Housemates that stood out during the Shine Ya Eye season were Pere and Whitemoney.

This was due to their unique attitude and approach to issues in the House and also because of their famous clash over the Kitchen. Whitemoney’s time in the Kitchen was not appreciated by Pere who accused him of using it as a strategy and this led to a few issues between the two.

They later became really cool buds and ended the Season on a friendly note.

There isn’t enough time to go through the BBNaija archives and list all the great moments we have seen, but we are looking forward to meeting the new Housemates who are surely going to give us lots to talk about.