Moneybagg Yo – Rocky Road Lyrics

Moneybagg Yo Rocky Road Lyrics (feat. Kodak Black)

I’m looking at my watch and think it’s time for me to go
I been posted on this block too long somebody gone call the patrols
Swallowing all this dope think I’m on four
Tryna get to my hoe but the perkys got me froze
Been doing my baby momma wrong and leaving her at home
I can not leave you on your own we made this child together
Nina in my pocket going down this rocky road
Running out of options you the only one that road

I’m the one that didn’t fold all them other n***** hoes
Out there standing by the pole selling dope to buy some clothes
Cuz I knew that attract the hoes until one left my heart so cold
I just didnt know no better made me hard on the next forever
Ari want another baby but I’m too busy chasing paper
Well maybe not right now perfect timing might come later
If this yo n**** push bout him shouldn’t be no favor for a favor
Stand on business leave no witness told them members that verbatim
Word for word

Feel like we trapped
We in the trap we on parole
How the hell we not gone tote this glock and yall be tryna kill us
In the back of the Maybach I’m tryna dodge the killers
Down here the killers the cops I be hounding my opps

Don’t know who killed Nuski we just know it’s a opp
Every n**** claim the body just want clout and some props
Found out where they been put up tryna put em on fox (news)
Dosed off and had a dream I paid an M for the drop
I been all around the world but still my ear to the streets
Put restraining orders on me that ain’t P that’s police
Hard to get from out that water when you dive in too deep
I been running with some gremlins yelling KTB

I fuck with CMG them boys like family to me
Man I’m in Tennessee I ain’t even gotta call Bagg for the weed
Shit so fake ion know everybody solid you and me
This generation so fucked up they go off envy and greed
You for yourself ain’t bout yo team I already know what it be
I’m on dope and lean sometimes I mix the slow with the speed
I self reflect and think my life as a ten
I hit the milk when we had ran out of eating
Might a got shot the flock game back in 2014
I went and blocked chain
None of my n***** dead they just in the feds (free the guys)
None of my n***** died we the ones slaying eyes

Spinning slides
I’m grieving a lil different been on nothing but bullshit lately
I ain’t felt no love in months my heart been running off of hatred (fuck you)
In touch with higher power praying Lil A beat these cases (Amen)
Ain’t going for extortion want sumn from me come and take it (bitch)
I’m eight hours ahead you n***** eight fiigures behind
If this shit come down to it I know lil bruh gone shoot that iron
Always told them what was up can’t say I left them in the blind (nope)
You cap, you lying I’m scrapped I’m firing, you dying
Coming down from off of six wockesha make me so mean
Putting work in behind the scenes tryna keep my face clean
I been hanging with blue hunnids cuz these n***** too green
I tote the city on my back it put a strain on my spleen (hurt)
I put the city on my back it put a strain on my spleen