Mo’gunz & IDVH – Go Hard Lyrics

Mo’gunz & IDVH – Go Hard Lyrics

Man I’ve seen too many evil
People living but they be like empty people
Wey dey waka but they soul e be like cripple
Shey e clear now shey you see the issue

Shey You get the point like a nipple
Shout out to all my n!gga* on the street too
Anytime You get the opportunity to
Shoot your shot like a pistle
Make opportunity no miss you

Wake up and I hustle everyday
One day for holiday
Cos if my mind dey I go fit to dey
Even if nobody dey
Cos I fit to go hardddd x
I sabi go hard
Say I go hard
I got deep premonition that my enemies Dey preeing stay up in the kitchen
Til it’s over
Steady whipping mother riddim
And hope they get to listen
Gotta hustle for the bag
And the goyard

I shoot my shot my precision
these days demons
They see me
And I might fall victim

Badman on the hustle ever since
Cut corner me I no Dey bother them
These rich flows ain’t from an underlying
Shey you get the ting
Every time I step see I’m reaching for the win

See My brother seen something too
Taken Ls and I need Ws
I’m in the mood to get right
What i done in this life
Just to get thru the night
See I might humble you