MIKE DEAN – Once Upon a Time Lyrics

MIKE DEAN Once Upon a Time Lyrics

Once upon a time, in a land not far away, artificial intelligence reached a level where it could create music and art just as well as humans could
Many thought this would be the future of creative arts — powerful machines that generated masterpieces without the human limitations of inaccuracy and bias
But one day, a group of multi-disciplinary creatives gathered together to prove that humans were still the masters of their craft
They hosted a contest, inviting AI and humans alike to submit their best examples of art and music.
The results were extraordinary — the AI-generated works were perfect, but they lacked the depth and meaning that humans could create
The AI music was technically perfect, but it wasn’t evocative in the way that the human-made music was
The art was pleasing to the eye, yet it lacked gravitas and the depth only humans can express
The judges universally agreed that the human-made works were the clear winners
The people loved how the music and art spoke to the human experience in a way that AI could never replicate
The human creators were praised for channeling their emotions and life experience into something that touched the hearts and souls of others
And so, this competition demonstrated without a shadow of a doubt that while AI may be able to create perfect works of art and music
It will never be able to capture the spirit of what makes those creations unquestionably great — the human touch