Mihlali and Lasizwe collaborate on a new project called “Icon”

Mihlali and Lasizwe
Mihlali and Lasizwe


Mihlali Ndamase and Lasizwe Dambuza worked together to make a wonderful idea come true on MTN, and it was named ‘Icon‘.

‘ICON’ will present fans with exclusive and priceless content on fashion, styling, diet, and other niches of lifestyle.

Taking to social media, the two content creators announced the new project.

“When two icons become part of something iconic, Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Icon SA!”

“Both @lasizwe and I are so excited about the launch of ICON. We have been working hard behind the scenes and in-studio to create content which I think our followers are going to love.”

“We’re bringing you all exclusive content, from all my favorite beauty & styling tips to places we like to hang out, as well as fashion trends, styling & diet tips!”