midwxst – under fire Lyrics

Under fire Lyrics By midwxst

As of late, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been under fire
Way too impatient, I feel like I should just go retire
Walking a thin line, I’m praying I don’t fall off the wire
I don’t have honesty cus’ it’s something that’s not required
Cus’ I don’t really need to talk bout how I feel
Cus’ nobodies gon’ really care girl, lets be real
My heart is solid, know it’s made up out of steel
Emotions hidden, know I keep them all concealed

And I can only keep it going for so long
I know my Auntie watching me, gotta stay strong
I don’t know how much longer I can just make songs
Talking bout how I feel and have you all sing along
Cus’ it don’t feel right
Venting on the mic, I’m praying you don’t feel my pain
Can’t even hear my pain
Waking up, I know I’ll feel the same

And I know that I’ll regret it
Taking back my words
Really wish I never said it
Uh, Got haters typing up on Reddit
If you really got a problem
Let me know and we can get it
People scared to take risks but I did that
I been myself and I done ran me up a big bag
Wear that Junya with that Undercover mismatched
I don’t got time to beef lil n!gga, f*cking miss me with that
I’m way above this sh!t
I’m only 19 crossing off my bucket list
And I’m gon’ keep it pushing
Know I stay up in the Ritz
I ain’t stopping till me and my brothers f*cking rich
And that’s on god, yeah I put that on the man
Everybody tryna f*ck with me cus now I’m in demand
I’ve had people that was hating all the sudden turn to fans
Now they steady in my phone telling me “Give em’ a chance”

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