Microsoft Windows 11 Installation Crashes Appear as Screen of Death

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Why Windows 11 Installation Crashes Appear

Users can look forward to the planned version of Microsoft Windows 11 21H2 in the coming weeks as they face a number of issues, or “issues”. Microsoft did not address the issue affecting users and is trying to fix this error with an update.

Microsoft also confirmed two new issues in the operating system – Windows 11 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and Microsoft Installer failure (MSI).
The company has identified the Windows 11 Blue Screen of Death error. It says that the problem is related to an issue with the Intel Smart Sound Technology (SST) driver. However, this bug in Windows 11 does not affect all users.

This only affects users with certain versions of the Intel SST driver. This can cause a crash that displays the dreaded blue screen of death. The driver for Windows 11 that was severely affected by the blue screen of death issue is Intel Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST) version and earlier, Microsoft said.

Is there a solution for the fatal error blue screen?
Microsoft and Intel are working on new versions of drivers compatible with Windows 11 and have stopped the process of updating these computers. Microsoft recommends customers update their drivers. If the company doesn’t provide driver updates, you can install them manually from Intel’s official website.

“We recommend that you do not attempt to manually update using the Update Now button or the Media Creation Tool until this issue is resolved,” Microsoft said in a statement. The best way for users is to update their drivers. All you need to do is verify that the Intel Smart Sound Technology system is installed by going directly to the Device Manager tab and then the System tab. When you see it, download it. This will put an end to the Windows 11 blue screen death issue.

Microsoft Installer Hack Failed
In addition to the blue screen of death error, Windows 11 encountered another issue that prevented users from updating or repairing certain applications, including the Kaspersky application, when using the Microsoft Installer – the problem occurred during the installation process. If your Windows 11 is running MSI, some of your applications may not open, update, or repair.

What solutions are there? Microsoft says that users experiencing MSI issues need to manually uninstall the apps affected by the error, and then install the latest version.

So the big point for users is that Windows 11 may be a necessary upgrade to Windows 10, but the crash issues and other bugs haven’t gone away and need to be fixed by users themselves – seems like yesterday (for decades), no?