Matt Corby – Problems Lyrics

Problems Lyrics By Matt Corby

You can take your complications
And shove it where the sun don’t shine
To create something to benefit all humankind
You can curb your conversations
It’s counter to the times
You’re dampening the fire that fuels every mind
Don’t be so complacent

When you’re passing out the fruit from the vine
You take advantage of those who can’t reach up that high
Don’t take out your frustrations on those in your line
It’s regrettable you’ve turned your service into a crime
Just take all you can carry
Take all you can hold
What’s the worst that can happen?
You’ll find no resolve?

Future generations have too many wrongs to get right
It’s resting on how many will take up the fight
Yeah that’s the situation they run down the chain
I’m wondering if we’ll ever be back here again
Our miseducation has taught us to close our eyes
We’ve neglected every vision of pure insight
When you build imagination
You’re shifting the frame
I’m wondering if we’ll ever be back here again