Matilda Mann – Hell Lyrics

Hell Lyrics By Matilda Mann

There’s no excuse,
You thought I’d loose.
But don’t pretend,
You had a better end

Cause I know you’ll never care
And I’m learning life’s unfair.
And the fact you tried to hide
Makes it even worse you lied

I’ll set it straight,
And sign my case
But you dare,
Come unprepared

It’s strange how much you fear
After what you did was clear
And the fact you said I’d lied,
Makes me wanna f*cking cry

So save me the stress
My heart can’t take the rest
What more could you take
And selfishly misplace

Thought I’d never wake up
Now it’s time you made up
Tell them how much time you took

So say what you will
That ship has sailed
You’ve gone to hell for good

I wanna forget
Everything that you said
Everything that you left

I see it still,
Your mask of steel
Nobody saw,
The way we went to war

But I know you’re full of it
And I’m learning life’s a b!tch
And the fact that you still lied
Makes me hope you f*cking die