Marlon Williams – Thinking Of Nina Lyrics

[Marlon Williams – Thinking Of Nina Lyrics]

Does she love me
Real trust is thin on the ground
Would she tell me or would that be breaking promises to somebody else
Please don’t mistake my intentions
I believe in love under certain conditions

But tonight I’m thinking of Nina
Said she’d meet me
Down at the station at a quarter to ten
Missed connection
Now I don’t think I’ll ever see her again
Don’t take offence at the notion
I believe in love I just have my suspicions
Oh no

But tonight I’m thinking of Nina
Must be scary
Just making out like you got skin in the game
Trouble trouble
When you playin with hearts then you playin with shame
Wish she could give me a reason
But more than that I believe in love
I believe in love, wish I could give her her freedom

Ooh but I believe in love
But I believe in love

And it’s not my place, not my place to say
Ooh but you’re in trouble now
T-t-t-t-trouble now