Malcolm Rue – All Day Lyrics

[Malcolm Rue, Protek Illasheva & Kelar Thrillz – All Day Lyrics]

I see blessings all around me
All day
We are on a different level
All day
The Holy Spirit lives inside me
All day
We are on a different level
All day

Verse 1
(Kelar Thrillz )

Obu mu ka aba na muru okpo
Ge ni si si nwannem
ki jini the story muta ako
On a different level skrrr skrrr
Agbayen ife eji ni afa’m akor
Ife anyi jiri bia aburo Okwu onu
Muonso chukwu with the power
Make it rain we don’t need need an umbrella
One time I heard a song go
Take the world, gimme Jesus
I’m a different breed of Radical
Amma take the world & still give you Jesus!
Ifunu dimpa inu isi Ngozi
So blessed but I’m not talking money
Onye agọziri agọzi ka anyi bu n’obodo
It’s all grace that’s the motto

Verse 2
(Malcolm Rue)

Mukama Mulungi
Living life like a movie
Still blessed with the midas touch
Everything i touch transcend to gold
It’s All day bro
Living my life like a Sunday bro
365 like days bro
My life like a movie like always bro
Have you not heard
I got my life in His hand
He is the hand on the pen
I turn a land a hill
I turn a cent to a mill
Have you not heard
I gat the blessing you cannot explain
He put His love and His grace on replay
All thanks to the Holy Ghost
We living life just like we post
I feel no less
I feel no stress
I be living on the heavenly flex
God send me a text
He so impressed
He said boy
You should go manifest
January to December
It’s so hard to remember
Put them all on reminder
Counting blessings till we pass out

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Verse 3

Pardon my manners don’t mean to get embarrassed
But amma pour so much blessings on you that you gonna be needing umbrellas
Is just how we are, I am a star, wan ma ko story mi Lori papers
To ba lo hood o le bere mi them go tell you say we no dey kala
We carry the money we sow it out
Gucci and fendi we give it out
See all the love them dey show us we running street but omo we no be tout
Is the holyghost in me that’s the reason that I shine
Yeah we do this all day no we do this all the time