LUVANGA & Kid AlpHa – Fire Lyrics

Fire Lyrics By LUVANGA & Kid AlpHa

Gemme all
All of you
All of you make I do proper
Lemme do proper
When I think about u
The way fine
I go finish u pa
I go finish u dye Yh yh

Omoge jupka for me
The way you move that body
Fallali-follow whine that bady
Go go below for daddy
Somebody to somebody
I can see you are naughtyyyyy
Na that your backside wey carry everything I’m needing tonight
I ready to fight Aaahn!

Emi de nijo lese
Sumo mi faster faster
Iwo de nijo lese
U want it faster faster
I wan to do U Skele
Kele wan do skele
Abi u wan do skele

Kele wan do skele
Abi u wan do skele
U carry fire
fire, Fire
fire, Fire
She say
Ah no go leave you until you bless me with pound sterling
My baby come closer

Sunmumi jeka bank on it
And if I put it on you Ma baby you go believe
You no go fittu hold am
Hold am ah ah ah ahn
Serere for me baiby
I believe say you go commit
And me sef I want to submit
Na why I put on repeat on girlll..
Call me daddy my baby I want to call you my mummy
Abena make you roll the boat faster faster Yh