Lupe Fiasco – SentRock Lyrics

Lupe Fiasco SentRock Lyrics

Sent rock make a helicopt drop off top,
Pass the aux to the lost flock,
Fops and foos on the opps and flew,
Also look around because down ain’t the only birds eye view,
The west side too,
Sky blue chi you bible,
Put bands in our hands like a I do bride do,
Flip the same ole goals heart colder than Thai food,
Soul all neo like Erykah Badu,
Who non decepticons in a fond way,
Put a swan in a John Cage then open up the bomb bay, doors,
When it rains it pours,
Get pawned like where a prawn stay when you can’t afford

Feathers on the predator drones
Weather got em never at home,
But not forever south,
Red faced yellow mouth,
Propellers out,
They’ll hunt you down like cabellas for the clout,
With something fissile on top of a surface to air missile,
Trying to knock you right up out the clizouds,
Whistles & chirps to tell the next nest to disperse air raids west of the turf,
Or stand and swing hands like wingspans
Karate kid crane claw,
Flirt with hurt like juggle chainsaw,
Love birds out here looking for soul mates,
I have something for you
Look at these low rates,
Peking ducks get cooked trying to locate,
Blackhawk puck how I’m cool in my flow state,
But you can angrily slang me out in the war,
I just make sure my whole story tolled like the 294