Logos Olori & RAGE – Jogodo Lyrics

Jogodo Lyrics By Logos olori & RAGE

Thank God we no lazy
More ace of spade of the babies
Make space of the ladies
Looking so peng you amaze me
If she acting crazy I leave her
I’m on my Hennessy I never chase her
Blow her back vuvuzela

Peng thing from venuezela
Ya lybly tebya
Thank God we raised the bar
I’m a vibe seller
No belt cause I’m a marlian
Geogian people say lamazi
Haters gone crash kamikazi
The watch is fake it’s fugazi
Energy cause I’m the Chargie

Jogodo jogodo jogodo

Omote go low omote go low
Mama show them the thing you gbe o
Mama show them the thing you gbe o
When I hit e blow
When I hit e blow
Mama show them the thing you gbe oo
Mama you carry overload

Super woman naim raise me
All they did couldn’t faze me
Mama told me amazing
Why the popo still chasing
Come alive
To all the ladies wey Dey come alive
The Street sweet pass five alive
To all my n!gga popo chop alive

Jogodo jogodo jogodo