Logic – Breath Control Lyrics

Logic – Breath Control Lyrics (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

Everything that I have, I’m thankin’ God for it now
I’m takin’ all of my trees, proceed to breakin’ it down
Though we’re f*ckin’ with ground levels, we in the clouds
Stay reclinin’ my seat, smokin’ lean in the back
Livin’ like rock and roll but still doing this rap music
Movin’ through stats, always movin’ the crowd
If Wiz Khalifa’s on your campus, then I’m probably smokin’ loud
With a b*nger comin’ out, talkin’ bout
Keep your cool so we don’t hear the hate and doubt
They just mad ’cause they ain’t make it to the clouds
Tried they best but they just ain’t gettin’ accounted for
We ain’t goin’ back and forth, I ain’t just start
Multiple trends, I open doors
Provided a style for you and yours
I made the class, you studied the course
Game’s to be sold, not told, all that you could afford it
Make sure the private plane cold as soon as I board it
More concerned with stocks and mortgages than little boy sh!t
Famous girl, she on my line, she need a d!ck appointment

Yeah, yeah (Haha)

Tell me who really want it
Everything that they talking about, I already done it
Don’t f*ck with their narrative and how they spun it
Like Clive Campbell, I’ma set an example
My flow ample over this sample
Leave the beat trampled, never one to ramble
Head to toe in that camo, blowing up trees like Rambo
This is the way, b!tch, I’m repping that Mando
Got a lot of money, don’t need a Lambo
Back in the day, I was in a minivan though
Back in the day, I was in a minivan, oh
Sippin’ on something and whippin’ it slow
2010, I remember when I was living in my godmother’s in G-Burg, that’s my word
Bumping Mac Miller K.I.D.S., Kush & O-J Wiz
Look in the mirror, I’m hoping it’s his day
Give a f*ck what the kids say
Logic bringin’ it back to the rap sh!t
That 2 Dope Boyz, DatPiff (Yeah, yeah)
Give a f*ck about a rap list
One in a million, I’m on that list
On the map like a atlas
Talk sh!t, get hit with a fat lip
Smoking that buddha then dip in the p*ssy, we call it the catnip
Run the game like a 3090, leave ’em all behind me
Step back, motherf*cker, don’t try me
‘Cause I’m me, you know it’s Logic

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Haha, haha (Y-Y-Y-Y-Yeah, y-y-yeah)
(Funkmaster Flex, Funkmaster Flex, Funkmaster Flex)
Crazy, don’t try to rap along
It’ll try to recite you
Don’t waste your time, hahaha
I know no one else can’t do that, I already know
I know that