Little Simz – Gorilla Lyrics

Little Simz Gorilla Lyrics

Sim Simma, who got the keys to my bloodclaat Bimmer?
Big time driller, monkey to gorilla
Who is this woman that I’m seein’ in the mirror?
Drink ’42 and smoke cigar
Name one time where I didn’t deliver
Silent figure
I was just on the ends droppin’ gems with my friends
I got a 3310 and a pack of blems
Then got the gold, full black, circle back again
Rappin’ when nothin’ progressive was happenin’
Ooh, pain tolerance couldn’t break us
Pay homage if you respect how we came up, cool
Tryin’ to get to the paper
Hitter from Jamaica might do me a favour, true
Big Simma dippin’ ten toes in the ice-cold river
Bank got bigger, been a different species
Tunes in the locker, I been waitin’ to unleash these
It’s a no show if you can’t guarantee fees (No, no, no)
I ain’t got one threat to consider
Heaven and Earth attached to one killer (One, one)
Rest in peace to Mac Miller, new Simz drop to shake the whole shit up
What’s next? (Ayy)
We’ll be here for months talkin’ about prospects
Stayin’ about my job, yes, sir
When rain is against her, I’m weather-resistant on my polyester (Grrah, grrah, grrah)
Run through the jungle, they should’ve never let her
Cuts and wounds,I hope never will fester
Mmm, yeah, big art collector
Silent investor, film director
Beatin’ on my chest goin’ apeshit
Put him in the grave shit
Ain’t life what you make it? Yeah, it is

Cuttin’ through the jungle in a all-black fitted
Hat low, incognito livin’
Introvert, but she ain’t timid
My art will be timeless, I don’t do limits (No)
Be very specific when you talk on who the best is
How can I address this?
Basically, the rest is almost like to me what a stain to a vest is
You ain’t drop nothin’ in my eyes I’m impressed with
Please don’t be offended (Please)
But I’m not in the business for pretendin’ (No)
I got lines if you wanna get rentin’
Go find the agony aunt and get ventin’
Stop floodin’ my mentions with bullshit
Talkin’ on Simz like she’s someone you went school with, awkward
From day, been a cool kid, rap star’s hope in the faith I’m restorin’
Don’t ask my opinion on shit ’cause to make you feel good about yourself is exhaustin’
I got bangers out in the world soarin’
And I got bangers in the vault I’ve been hoardin’
Yeah, true, I got tennis in the mornin’
Before I start swingin’, that man’s gonna need a warnin’
Red light whenever I’m recordin’
Red light on the forehead of the informant
See, I’m the only one on gorilla
Simz is back, yeah, just got realer (Yeah)
No choice now but to feel us
I know the streets will love it like I brought Mike Skinner
Said simmer down little homie, simmer
All that talk get you rubbed out quicker
I’m cut with a different scissor
From the same cloth as my dear ancestors
That’s why this shit gives you the shivers, I’m that cold

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(Higher) Goin’ higher
(Higher) Goin’ higher
(Higher) Yeah, we are
(Higher) Say what?

Hey, sound’s so special inside the world we live in
It’s so rare to find it
Huh, go peep that, yeah
It’s about time
We got the just news for a world
We put in over a decade for this bitch, you know
Yeah, man

Say, he never called another woman “mi amor”
So, I opened up the way and now he adore
Did it on the wave, I don’t play, get you seasick
Charged up, fully barred up, I’m unleashin’