Lil Mosey – Breathin Again Lyrics

Lil Mosey – Breathin Again Lyrics

[Lil Mosey – Breathin Again Lyrics]

Brodie in the jam he said when he gets out he active
I’ma show you how to get these M’s, n!gga, the fastest
I been savin’ all my bread, it feel like I been fastin’
Jets on jets on jets my teammates ballin’ like March Madness
I just spent like 80 bands today, I gotta save it now

This year I been goin up so I ain’t goin’ nowhere now
I was poppin’ so much pills my bro said I should slow it down
I was f*ckin wit’ Gina for a second but she hoin’ now
Jumpin off the porch and into stages feel amazin’
I was workin’ on myself I went through stages while I’m agin’

And I do feel like I’m special if you do get what I’m sayin’
‘Cause the things I used to do coulda got me locked up in some cages
Whenever I feel blue I just start breathin’ again
I started lettin’ out my feelings instead of keepin’ em in
I’d rather let that sh!t go an let it blow in the wind
‘Cause I ain’t f*ckin wit’ that sh!t if it ain’t helpin’ me win

In the back of the club throwin’ hunnids, let it go
And you know I’m never comin’ in with out my pole
These sH0es cost a lot so don’t spill sh!t on the floor
Talkin’ ’bout a backend, b!tch, I need it at the door
Go back to my hood, yes I’m still shootin’ dice, n!gga
All shooters around me so don’t think it’s some nice, n!gga

Pay my dawg lawyer fees that’s just some light, n!gga
Loyal from the soil that’s just somethin’ that I’m like, n!gga
My shorty love the blues and she count it wit’ us too
My n!gga said don’t ever take the charge you got somethin’ to lose
Just hold it down and that’s exactly what I’ma do
Just go harder ’cause you know you got somethin’ to prove
Geeked damn

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And he’s leanin off the pills like a kickstand
He gon’ slide down yo whole block, we call him hitman
He can see they nervous cause he see it through his sweat glands
He don’t give a f*ck, he spazz out when he wanna
Since I popped I been headed to the top
It’s been some years and I been goin’ and I won’t let nothin’ stop
n!gga* changed now they some opps, from the photo they got cropped
I’m a million dollar n!gga, but I’m posted on the block

Mm mmm
I’ma million dollar n!gga, but I’m posted on the block
Yeah, I’m posted on the block
Yes I’m posted