Like It’s Yo Job Lyrics By Chief Keef

Like It’s Yo Job Lyrics By Chief Keef


Chief Keef Like It’s Yo Job Lyrics, Slob on my knob (Huh?) like it’s ya job (Huh?)
Yellow Lamborghini Huh? corn on the cob (Huh?)
Let’s have some s*x Huh? face in the bed (Huh?)
Night give me head Huh? morning I need eggs (Ayy)
So is the name Sosa, baby let’s play a game Ayy
Pull out my mic B*tch let’s see you sing Huh?
Pull-on my d!ck Huh? it’s hard as a brick (Ayy)

Your man run up on me, hit that boy with the stick (Dududuh)
First is the time, second is the place (Ayy)
I grab that b!tch head, got a hand full of lace (Huh?)
Slob on my nuts (Huh?), finger in your butt (Huh?)
d!ck in your gut (Huh?), such a lil slut (Huh?)
Head off to bed (Ayy), beat it special-ed (Ayy)
I should go to jail how I beat up that cat
b!tch, shave your bush (Huh?), make sure you douche (Huh?)
Shut the f*ck up (Huh? Shh), shouldn’t have to shush (Huh? Shh)

House smеll like kush (Huh?), she came in likе whoosh (Huh? Woo)
Her ass lookin’ plush (Huh?), I bend it over, push (Ayy)
I’m not your lover (Sosa, baby), lay on the cover (Ayy)
Gun on my waist and he will take out your brother (Huh? Ayy)
Sit on the couch (Huh? Ayy), open your mouth (Ayy, ayy)
Then I came in it (Ayy, ayy) like the man of the house (Dududuh)
You can keep the WAP, give me the top (Ayy)

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She tryna cuff me, the b!tch is a cop (Huh?)
I left just in time (Huh?), never came back (Huh?)
I ain’t a firefighter (Huh?), I can’t save that cat (Huh?)
Ride through the club (Ayy), wave at some H0es (Ayy)
She got OnlyFans so she can’t get exposed
She put X up her ass (Huh?), cocaine up her nose (Huh?)
I let that b!tch smoke dope ’cause we don’t snort coke (Huh?)

I slipped on some ‘Tech (Huh?) and got side effects (Huh?)
The b!tch seen me flex (Huh?) and now she want some s*x (Ayy)
I spid in the ‘Cat (Sosa, baby), it scream like Tourette’s (Ayy)
She got in the cab (b!tch), and gave me that cat (Ayy)
I show her the crib (Huh?), she love how I live (Huh?)
Steady callin’ me “Baby,” I said, “b!tch, want a bib?” (Dududuh)

I don’t never trip, still be takin’ trips (Ayy)
f*ckin’ on the jet, got her ass in the air
Flex on a hater (Huh?), flex with the paper (Huh?)
Nigga tried to tax us (Huh?), he done turned to a caper (Huh?)
Hasta la vista (Huh?), bye to my haters (Huh?)
s*ck me on the yard (Huh?), I don’t give a f*ck ’bout the neighbors (Ayy)

That That That That (s*ck a nigga d!ck or somethin’)
Slob on my cat ’cause you know it’s fat
Check-in with me and do that

Wait a second freak, I spit on your cheeks (Huh?)
My cousin T-A-D-O-E, he said you chewed his meat (Ayy)
Can’t take that sh!t back (Huh?), he got a receipt (b!tch)
Word of mouth, b!tch, you’re good with your mouthpiece (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
My nigga DooWop (Wop), send that H0e a Wap (Wap)
Hopped out the foreign, man, damn there go a Wap (Wap)
Waps everywhere (Where), pulled down her wire (Brrr)

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Which one of you b!tches gettin’ swiped like a card? (b*ng, b*ng, b*ng)
I know a lil’ freak in New Hamp’ (Huh?)
She love my dawg ass, Lady in the Tramp (Grr, grr, grr)
She said she eat meat, meat like ham
The b!tch licked the tip like she licks stamps
Wait a second freak (Huh?), you know I don’t eat (Huh?)
Play with my meat (Huh?), you can get ’em at his peak (Huh?)

Wake up, gettin’ neck (Huh?), still be half asleep (Huh?)
She wanted froggy style (Huh?), I’ma make her leap (Ayy)
f*cked her in a parking lot (Sosa, baby), thought I seen a cop (Ayy)
False alarm, she like “Keep going, don’t stop” (Huh?)
I’ma get that guap (Huh?), I’m get that top (Ayy)
Taught me how to get it, gotta thank big bro a lot (Dudududuh)
Sit off the bed and give me head (Ayy)
Don’t gotta ask, ain’t have to say it

Legs on spread (Huh?), sh!t, broke her legs (Huh?)
Big booty b!tch and that sh!t broke the bed (Huh?)
Sipped on some Wock’ (Huh?), then got tired (Huh?)
Smackin’ on that ass like I’m tryna kill a fly (Ayy)
She leg lockin’ me (Sosa, baby), this b!tch tryna die (Ayy)
Don’t want no more babies (b!tch), I put it in her eye (Huh?)
Don’t want no more kids (Huh?), I put it on her head (Ayy)
This b!tch ain’t have no towels, I put it on her bed
H0e, how you don’t got no dishes? I want some food
In the morning I need head, in the night make me soup