Lethal Bizzle – Daily Duppy Lyrics

Daily Duppy Lyrics By Lethal Bizzle

Daddy let us down I had to take over can’t reach me again
He got the cold shoulder
Mummy still good I had to move her back
She’s back and forth so I copped her a flat

Daddy let us down so I’m the head of the pack
Me and bro are on and off but I still got his back
Poker face for turbulent scenes
We was on the same pitch
But now we play for different teams

I can’t lie u did raise a good kid
Strict af dad, stopped me from doing a bid
Stopped football tried to stop me from doing a gig
U Wanna degree but for me that weren’t what it is

Taking full accountability
Now the family is my responsibility
Release the pain with this hennysee
It’s crazy how love turns to jealousy

Made a few mill from a broke pocket
I was on a mission nobody could stop it
I Took risks f*ck playing it safe
RIP Richard Antwi in a better place

I don’t believe in making it
Yeah I’m up but more opportunities I’m create it (skint gang)
Now we gone our separate ways
But I’m still open for better days

I heard no more than I heard yes
I had to manoeuvre like a game of chess
frustrated nights chilling at my desk.
Mumzy prayers keeping me bless

Old skool so I’m a provider
Loyalty is blood, that’s what makes u my rider
So I just smile through the scenes
Some times a smile ain’t what it means.

Now it’s convos with ghana president
Local lad building ghana developments
Estate kid now making u resident
2040 I might just run for president

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Never to far from my reach
Until then ima just teach
Releasing the codes
There’s truth in every story I’ve told

Street kid used to buy nine millies
Now the boy is worth around 9 millies
On cars I’ve lost about 500 racks
I was enjoying myself don’t copy dat

Money don’t last longer than memories
But being broke is the enemy
Share the good times with team
But don’t live beyond ya means

Skint gang that’s a mentality
The aim is don’t make it a reality
Act broke while we stack notes
One of the greatest ever quotes

That’s life like Sinatra
But the devil can’t f*ck with a grafter
My intention are pure
So Blessing on blessings that be my karma