Kiwi Jr. – Unspeakable Things Lyrics

Kiwi jr. – Unspeakable Things Lyrics

[Kiwi jr. – Unspeakable Things Lyrics]

Unspeakable things
Written longhand in your diary
Unspeakable things
In bags piled into a phone booth
Pressed against glass
Shouted aloud alone in gear at a red light
Unspeakable things
Stored at a high rate of interest

That you’ve done
Laid out here
One by one
Caught on tape
And compiled
No one could ever ever try and forgive

Unspeakable things
Gathered and sold at auction
Unspeakable things
Go on over looked in the kitchen
Out the back window, through to the lane way
Drawn in chalk then washed away
Remember that day turns to night
And cries for blood at the Cinesphere

What you’d say
If we could see
Every day
Every key
If we got in
By brute force
You never ever could go home again

You’re never going home again

“Oh what a night,” sings the heir
“How’s your heart still beating?”
“Oh what a night,” sings the heir
“How’s your heart still beating out time?”