King Krule – Our Vacuum Lyrics

King Krule Our Vacuum Lyrics

Form my thoughts far away
I leave, I don’t stay
But the space between us is dark in a cage of your heart
Our picture of a room, our stillness, our moon
In between the gaps of the stars, we lay in the dark
So empty this space, it weighs heavy on my plate
And in between us is a grave, in a field far away

It’s our vacuum
It’s our vacuum
It’s our vacuum
It’s our vacuum

I’m not sure of today, some time this week
I need a train, I need more time
I’m done fucking around
Keep feeling this way, I can’t breathe
I’m underneath a whole heap of grief, I need to let it out

They won’t understand
Timing out
Butterflies, fly around
Butterflies, fly around

Maybe with space, it maybe get better
Maybe with space, might get better
Things might get better, things might get better
Feel it out, feel it out again