So Tired Lyrics By KB

So Tired Lyrics By KB


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Sometimes I get so tired
Just trying to stay alive
(Good) Ayy
Don’t talk to me
About a land of the free (Let me talk about it, ooh)
And the home of the brave until everybody’s free (Ooh)
You’re not free, you’re a slave

I’m in the trenches, don’t mind in the mentions
My mind on the vision, your mind on the digits
It is what it is, and look, we not the same
I’m willin’ to die with no dime in my pocket
And not ’cause I lost it, I gave it away
You want a purpose that you cannot purchase

The perks and the Burgess, look, we can’t complain
Behind the curtain, comе look at this circus
The bigger the clown, thе bigger they pay
Ayy, ayy, ayy, I can’t stop
You say you buy the twos, new boo every Tuesday
New Jimmy Choos, food in the booth, Lupe

You gotta choose who finna bring you change
When the woop-woop fades, I’m getting you saved
He rolled to the BlueTooth, pickin’ woo cage
Truth ain’t Bolt to the track, what are you sayin’?
I’m plugged in and don’t play no games
HGA on these 808s

Light up the ‘Gram and don’t blaze no A
Bar hard when I post His name
Full plate, I just say my grace
I bleed, but this ain’t gon’ break
Got one clique, Amazon my gang
(You’re not free, you’re a slave) Ooh, uh
Westside, east side, red light, green light

That’s right, be right, oh my soul
That’s my delight, we light, we like
We fight, I’m just in my zone
Devil’s teeth is showin’, where your people goin’?
When it all falls, follow Yeezy moment

We might need condolence, yea, the need is growin’
Our Jesus beats, the peace of Jesus on us
We done picked up the litter litty, we gotta go, ayy
Spirit is livin’ within us, Guinness, this record don’t break

If I meant it, I meant it, pin it, I manage
You get offended, I get it, but nobody finna tell me what to say
Rather be canceled than handled
I got a Lord, and it ain’t your name
Man, I’ve been reppin’ since 2006
That’s to the grave, it is what it is

For my dawgs, ayy (Woah, mm-hmm)
Yeah, HGA, that my dawgs, that my folk
Yeah, shinin’, G.O.M., that my dawgs, yeah, yeah
Shinin’ all the time for my God, ayy (Sometimes I get so tired)

We both rap, we are not so different
Nah, home skillet, my flow different
Child flow, got potholes in it
Child home got dry bones in it
Bogart with the flow, so hard
I could knock over Costco wit’ it
I roll wit’ the God, so big

Did a box show, not gon’ fit in it
You got a bag, and I’m stackin’
But what I spin it for a lot more different
You got a ratchet, I pack it
But trust, what we let it pop for different

Oh, and we get high so different
And I’m so lifted up in the sky
My iPhone trippin’, but if I die
Then I’m gon’ visit God throne
In a minute, heaven’ll be my home
Pearl gates for my condo

Not a thief in the place, ain’t no reason to hate
When the whole block go
This a “devil no-fly” zone
We rock, try to preach God
But they keep knockin’, and like they ring the bell

Three times, and he not home
I know I don’t deserve all this
What would I be like if I weren’t called His?
A debtor me, less forgivin’
Now I’m a better me, best decision

We rep the letter G.O.M., represent it
Nothin’ lesser than it
Won’t discuss it, load the musket
Three, two, one, blow the trumpet

Emmy Award-winning, woah
Uh ‘Tis the season, I’m a jolly chick
Kickin’ it with the mean and melancholy to keep my folly legit
I fade to black until my complexion is highly lit
Then jump on top of whatever my nephew is hidin’ in
I pick up a mighty pen just to tap on my tiny chin
Then take off into outer earth, like I’m floatin’ on hydrogen

‘Cause I can’t stand to be sittin’ unproductive and quiet when
Huh, I heard
Content is optional if production flamin’ the beats
So I just decided to put a bunch of food on the heat
And I ain’t got time to be tryin’ to be someone else wit’ your time
Or thinkin’ I’m greater than the God who put His life on the line
I just wanna cook for ya, get somethin’ on that stomach
Dependent on if you are ready for what is comin’
Vinyl spatula to flip it, especially different
The oven is heavy metal, but nothin’ is Limp about the Bizkit

Somebody’s gonna have to tell the truth
Somebody’s gonna have to tell the truth
Somebody’s gonna have to tell the truth
Somebody’s gonna somebody’s gonna
Somebody’s gonna have to tell the truth
Somebody’s gonna have to tell the truth
Somebody’s gonna have to tell the truth
Somebody’s gonna Somebody’s gonna have to tell the truth