Julianna Riolino – You Lyrics

You Lyrics By Julianna Riolino

A darkened obsession of love
Everyone is fine until they are drowning in someone

Oh you

You can’t be inside me
Or try to contrive my beauty
Insecure the feeling
Emotional knife wielding
With my mind again
My body serves one purpose
And so long as I am worth it
In that moment

It’s you
Oh you

A question
Intonate the sentence you’re about to grow
Reveal it
I dreamt about you holding me nine months ago

Oh you

Oh retroflex the feeling
Of thoughtful micro needing
Of my mind and soul
I donʼt really love you
But when I watch you leaving I donʼt want you to go
Your body serves one purpose
And so long as you are worthless
I will always show
up for you

Oh you

A breath of pressure,
A breath truth
I donʼt want nobody
But I want