Judge The Disciple & Cloaqxdagger – In Place Lyrics

In Place Lyrics By Judge The Disciple & Cloaqxdagger

Planetary platters juggle plates and watch em splatter
From a place where shoots and ladders fire escapes and glass shattered
Iron grace and lying snakes gathered, mates checked
Space cleared, place Dear John song with tape deck
Face fears erase threats remove obstacles, next
Trying to make a dollar off a Google Play cent
Riding for my daughters hope my foolish days end
Trying to be a better man and not resume the days spent

Boomerang steps set back to square one
Shake the rust off, approach it again from an angle bust off
Line of sight to target clear, let’s put the next to task
Cleaning out the list of mistakes from fresh to past
My essence laughs, regrets are patterns if we let em hatch
They’re better cracked and removed they’re just a shell in fact
It’s all about what dwells within em in a cell with sad

Depression kisses the lids but I say to hell with that
I’m striking back, happys just a breath away
And I’m liking more than posts these days took the book and closed the face
Finally – I can say I’m close to meeting goals
Rain down on me, smiles are pretty common now I’m told
The change in rhythms been profoundly easy, aight that’s bullshit

But the doubts erase when faced with determination and true grit
I just want to be the person that I see in statis
I make this music my life, painfully earnest statements
Track it out and lace it place it tight to the measure
No walk of shame just honest spaces where the slights got the better
Not every days a ray of sunshine but the averages raised
And I can see the path much clearer now that the life is in place, peace