John Illsley – It's A Long Way Back Lyrics

It’s a Long Way Back Lyrics By John Illsley

City of Angels was Burning bright
Setting the scene for an LA night Standing on the edge of tranquility
This was the moment to take in the view Shimmering with the red and blue
Sun going down at the Sunset Marquee People you knew but never met
Masters and maidens that slipped through the net Friends of friends of a certain kind
Talk of the town a line in the news
In the Gallery with a touch of the blues
All you need is a six blade knife

It’s a long way back,
It’s a long way back to Deptford Town

Sometimes it feels like these days will never end The push and pull of how we dance the messages we send
Natures voice unheard amongst bluster and desire No one seems to notice that the flames are getting higher
Which way is up no one can agree
Keep asking myself where’s the sense of harmony
Smoke and heat of a hotel room
Songs from the bard like rare perfume
Fresh off the shelf now they’re gone Nothing now will ever be the same
Could this be heaven by another name Depends what side you’re on
If she asks you to go you can’t decline Putting it down a line at a time
Don’t move too fast better taking it slow
The world didn’t start with the ticking of the clock Can’t get by without a few knocks
One by one blow by blow

It’s a long way back,
It’s a long way back to Deptford Town

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There’s going to be a problem if we don’t see eye to eye
Only time will tell before another battle cry Take time to reflect take time to consider this For you and me and him and her this life of utter bliss
Another actor another stage
Who pays the pipers pay
Let’s hope he don’t get lost
Or tries to count the cost
You face the world with quiet contempt Was this really what you meant When all is frozen and nothing pure Its make or break kill or cure
I’m not sure anybody knows
The way it is and how it goes
Which way is up no one can agree Liberty fraternity Equality
From New York city to Monterey New Orleans to Frisco Bay
On every street in every town Out on the highway on with the show So much I just didn’t know
So I breathed it in took it down
A gentle man with his gracious wife They had their dreams of a perfect life Worked the land until the sun went down They were lovers then in that market town The battle ground had left its legacy No words he spoke of this victory
He built a world that was safe and sound Life was good in that Market town
Take what you need not what you want There’s no bars or restaurants
No playing in the park no visits to the Zoo Relax my friend and let things be
You have you’re pride and honesty
None of this was planned
Or so they say
But the sun will shine and the winds will blow This all will pass as well we know
Once there was a river now it’s a stream Looking back it feels like a dream Memories linger in your heart
Life feel shot cos time flies
Take a look through a child’s eyes Now’s the time to make a new start

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It’s a long way back,
It’s a long way back to Deptford Town