Jinku – Slide Lyrics

Slide Lyrics By Jinku (feat. DEZ & Supersun)


Bet you wanna come and …
(Bet you wanna)
Bet you wanna come and vibe
Tell that homie come and
Slide yeah

Bet you wanna come and vibe
(Bet you wanna)
I’ve been chillin’ with the guys
(With the guys yeah)
That ain’t my homie that’s my tribe
(That’s my tribe)
b!tch ass homie wanna come and go and slide

Bet you really wanna smoke
(Smoke, Smoke)
I don’t ever gonna choke
(I don’t ever gonna choke)
I be really cutthroat
Where the sh!t n!gga
I be down for the most
I be down for the sh!t

b!tch ass n!gga gonna ghost
(b!tch ass n!gga gonna ghost)
I be really doing the most
(I be really doing the most)
All my n!gga* take a toast
(All my n!gga* take a …)
b!tch ass n!gga wanna slide
(b!tch ass n!gga wanna slide)

I been chillin’ with the guys
That ain’t my homie that’s my tribe
(That’s my tribe)
Wanna come here?
Wanna vibe?
(They wanna)
Tell your shawty come and slide

Move your emotion
I’m mixing the potions
I gotta be cautious
If you wanna text
And you know its gonna cost ya
If she wanna slide she gonna ghost ya
You gotta be cautious
These broads move like imposters
Yeah, these lessons ain’t tire us
These, these lessons gonna cost ya

I don’t like advice
(Na na na na na)
Please don’t f*ck my vibe
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
And if you wanna slide
Baby then just slide
Don’t talk about your man

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Please don’t waste my time
Fell in love with lights
That shine brighter than the sky
Risky like the highs
Like the vision that’s on sight
Like all kinds of money
I don’t even got a type
That’s what imma answer
When she ask me what’s my sign

Imma keep it straight got no pride
I be making money with my guys
Please keep it straight to my eyes
I seen everything with the lies, yeah
They gonna change on me
Coz’ I got no change on me
That’s why I stay low key

Don’t want those hands on me
The sh!t is deep
How they depend on me
You’re getting weak
I feel your jealousy
Straight to cut
Man, I’m never free

I be smoking foreign like its duty-free
Please don’t say you know me
That’s the old me
I just kept it real when you phoney

Money on my mind and that’s a slime
I got way more than a dime
I don’t ever got it on my time
You know I be moving with a shine