Jenny Hval – Year Of Sky Lyrics

Jenny Hval – Year of Sky Lyrics

Jenny Hval Year of Sky Lyrics

It’s 9AM but it doesn’t matter
Place and time
Is only ever referenced
To give you an entry point
Like, “Oh, 9AM, I have those”

I look up and see
Nothing crosses heaven
It’s the year of skies
Empty like my childhood
High above the street
Clouds are gathering
‘Cause they can
And my phone rings, it’s my friend
Apparently clouds are gathering all over the world

I am reading books now
‘Bout writing and insects
They are intertwining
I find spiders everywhere
They show me cracks in the corners
The expanding universe

High above the streets
Ripples made in heaven
Someone’s jumping through
Nobody can see them
I look up and see
Stars are gathering
‘Cause they can
I am following the bugs
Into the corners of the room
It’s a 9AM
An entry point to all over the world
To all over the world