It’s been 10 fascinating weeks for relationships on season 3 of BBMzansi

Relationships on season 3 of BBMzansi
Relationships on season 3 of BBMzansi


Romances were formed and scattered, friendships were born and buried, and alliances were tested to their limits. But now that we are in the final week, it appears old wounds are being healed.

Who would have thought that Libo and Mphowabadimo would one day spend the whole day just having endless fun with each other? Sure, fantasies flew around back when the pair appeared to be heading towards a romantic relationship in the initial phases of their rollercoaster.

But after a long feud and simmering tensions, Libo and Mphowabadimo’s bonding marks a fresh era in their relationship. The same can be said for Gash1 and Libo, as well as Gash1 and Themba. As we edge closer to the highly anticipated BBMzansi season 3 finale on Sunday at 18:00, simulcast on Mzansi Magic and DStv Channel 198, it’s clear that old debts are being settled.

There’s usually a lot of tension in the House on Thursdays as the Housemates prepare for the Wager Task. But today, peace ruled as the Top 5 confidently took their time in adding the final touches to their Presentation. And it’s not the lack of fatigue, because a lot certainly went into Libo and Mphowabadimo’s dancing this afternoon. The pair were seen smiling from ear to ear as they put their boogie on display. It seemed Libo led much of the choreography, teaching Mphowabadimo a few of his winning moves.

The sight was refreshing, as the two have come a long way in their relationship. Through these past 10 weeks, what began as a flirtation working itself towards something serious, ended up as bitter strife. For weeks on end, the two endured tension. It got to the point where Libo was submitting Mphowabadimo for Nominations, often citing some of the behavior he perceived in her. Many questioned the motivations that led to him dominating the lady he once adored. It’s behind us now, as the two have spent ample time goofing around happily in the House.

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Similarly, there was a time when Gash1 and Libo’s relationship was on the ice. What started out as an organic friendship quickly faced its wave of scorching once strategic moves began shaking things up in the House. Although their fallout never reached boiling point, it’s well known that trust was broken early on. So by the time Libo joined forces with Themba, Tulz, and Terry to take both Gash1 and Thato to the Nominations, it did not come as a surprise.

A game had to be played, but heated outcomes from the Conspiracy Corner are now behind us. Gash1 and Libo have seemingly buried the hatchet, and have instead worked rather well together in the preparation for the Thursday Task.

There was a time when Themba wanted to woo Gash1, telling him that he sees both of them standing together until they reach the Top 2. A lot happened in between that, which ended with Themba choosing Libo and Tulz instead, to join him for the Top 5. There’s no love lost, though, as these two have continued to nurture a growing friendship.

We are certainly in the final days. And there can only be one winner? Who is taking it home?