Indigo Sparke – Blue Lyrics

Indigo Sparke – Blue Lyrics

Standing alone with bottle of wine
Will you come back to me you’ll try
Holding the hand the time moves still
Can we go back to that you’ll try
My love

Telling the story
Your father spits your mother in the eye
Took out the wooden spoon
Hit us real hard
Go to your room and don’t you dare cry

Light the candle from a distance
Ill get through long and lonely nights
Blue was the name my mother gave me
Blue in her womb held me in her arms

Held your grandfathers hand as he died
Wrinkled with his ancient lies
Fathers scared can’t stay up late
Im screaming down the line
All he hears are her cries

Don’t return my calls
Don’t defend my blows
Find the reason why
Come on baby we can get through it all
The world is burning
We’re still turning round

Grew you flowers
I was hoping you would turn up
Not a word not a sound
You booked the flight and then your feet got cold
You tuned me down

Called to your family asking what the fuck was going on
Down on my knees
Called to my family when the hour got too rough for you
She’s gonna take her life and what are you to do

Don’t you run away
Don’t you be sacred now
Its not the time for us
We’ve got the answers

We held the light of trust
And all the other women looking up to us
We could have done them proud
And now my voice is gone
The silence sucked the name out from my bones
I don’t know what I’m called
The walls of everything I ever knew
The sound of standing up to you
I’m just another in your crowd
We got the line of love tattooed upon the finger with the holy vow
What are we doing now?
You wanna have them all you ask about the times before
Did I love them more
Talk to my madness
All the rock and roll the dreams and all the screams
Are they still calling out your name
We walked the streets of New York City
Talked for hours
Holding hands
We got so close we couldn’t breathe
I wondered all about the homeless poets
Spitting flaming truths about the world we fell
We stood alone amongst the falling snow
The winter that you knew so well

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