Idols SA Season 18: The worst auditions of the evening provided the most memorable moments

Bad is good but awful is great – Idols SA
Bad is good but awful is great – Idols SA



A certain measure of whimsy entered the Idols SA proceedings last night, much of it thanks to the auditions of the hopefuls. The opening 10 minutes featured the return of Braaiman, a contestant whose audition (‘Shine bright like a Braaiman’) from all the way back in season 10 sparked Thembi’s memory, despite her not even being a judge at that time.

Last night he gave it another go, and it was a rendition of Tuks Senganga’s ‘525 600 Minutes’, except that it wasn’t, really. Frankly, we don’t know what it was:

It wasn’t the only audition to bring some levity to the show, either. Mabhece contributed some laughs with his audition, too – one where he got a pity “yes” from Thembi, only to have it taken away. During his post-audition interview, Mabhece claimed to have paid a pastor to pray for his voice, and that he now wants his money back:

These auditions are not this bad for want of trying – as Mxoza made clear to the judges, he had been practicing all his life and had worked hard to get his audition just right. Only a few seconds into his audition, Somizi stopped to get clarity on what, exactly, he had been practicing:

There were plenty of other light-hearted moments in the show, from Somizi throwing shade ProVerb’s way to JR suffering the ghastly ordeal of walking in some spiffy red heels, but, as is always the case with Idols SA, it was the contestants who made it worth watching.