How to make delicious beetroot juice

How to make delicious beetroot juice
How to make delicious beetroot juice



This recipe for homemade beet juice is immune-boosting, invigorating, refreshing, and beneficial to one’s health.

The best aspect about this nutritious beetroot juice is that it is naturally sweet, so no artificial sugar is not required.

On the other hand, unlike professionally produced juices, this homemade juice is free of preservatives and additives.

This recipe for sweet beet juice is a light and delicious drink that has no unpleasant taste.

This healthful meal only requires six ingredients. Use a juicer or a blender to make this juice.


  1. Beetroot
  2. Apples
  3. Cucumber
  4. Lime or lemon


Washing and preparing the vegetables takes the most time when creating any type of homemade vegetable juice.

  1. To make blending easier, chop your vegetables into chunks cut the beets, trim off the ends, and chop the beets into pieces, the apples and cucumbers.
  2. In addition, you’ll need to peel your lemon and ginger.
  3. Now, once you’ve prepped your vegetables, you’ll need to feed them to your blender.
  4. In a high-powered blender, mix them with 1/3 cup of filtered water.
  5. Blend on high for a few minutes, or until the contents are very much smooth.
  6. Last but not least, serve your fresh beet juice.

If at all feasible, fresh juices should be consumed as soon as possible. However, you can keep homemade green juices for up to two days in a firmly sealed container.