How To Instantly Send Notes, Message Yourself On WhatsApp

How to instantly send notes, message yourself on WhatsApp

How to instantly send notes, message yourself on WhatsApp


WhatsApp was originated back in 2009, that is, 12 years ago – about ten years. Since then, the service has grown exponentially, both in terms of features and the number of users. With over 2 billion users, the service is currently the most widely used messaging application worldwide. Users now rely on WhatsApp not only to send and receive messages, but also for voice calls, video calls and group calls, meetings, and more. It has become quite feature-rich, so users should know as many shortcuts as possible. Here, we’ll take a quick look at WhatsApp tips and tricks on how to quickly send messages and transfer files between devices.

In WhatsApp, users have the option to “mark” a message, which will mark it as “favorite” and keep it even if the chat is deleted. It serves as a useful message bookmarking feature that allows users to quickly scroll forward and backward through important messages. However, users can only flag messages they have sent or received, and cannot send messages to themselves, unlike competing Signal, which boasts a Note to Self feature.

However, users can still replicate the same functionality on WhatsApp with a trick that adds an informal “send messages to yourself” method that provides the same functionality.

Techniques To Message On WhatsApp Yourself  

  1.  Enter in your browser’s address bar. This works on all major browsers including Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Google Chrome. You must replace the zeroes with your OWN number.
  2.  Press enter, then click on the confirmation message, and WhatsApp will open a “chat” with your number.
  3. Type a message, then press Enter to send. You can also go to the main chat list and long press this new chat to “pin” it to the top for easy access.
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How To Create A New WhatsApp Group Yourself

  1. Request permission from your friend then adds them to a new WhatsApp group.
  2. Open the group’s settings, check the member list, and remove your friend from the group so it is only you left in the group.
  3. Rename the group with a suitable title such as “Reminders” or “Bookmarks”. You can also pin this group to the top to have it easily accessible at all times.