How BBMzansi Tiered Voting works | About BBMzansi Tiered Voting

What Is BBMzansi Tiered Voting?

South African subscribers get to enjoy extra votes on Big Brother Mzansi, thanks to the MyDStv App and DStv Rewards. Read below to find out how you can vote – and win – more.
Millions of people want to vote for their favorite Big Brother Mzansi Housemate, and they do! With multiple votes available on multiple platforms, subscribers have a lot of ways to do their bit to keep their fave in the game.

How BBMzansi Tiered Voting works

South African subscribers, however, enjoy a little something extra – this is Big Brother Mzansi, after all. By voting on the MyDStv App, subscribers in SA can leverage their Rewards level to gain access to even more votes, giving their chosen Housemate that much more chance at success. Because this “tiered” voting is linked to a subscriber’s Rewards level, you gain access to these extra votes simply by making the most of your DStv subscription, which is a win-win, if you ask us.

About BBMzansi Tiered Voting

Here’s a breakdown of the number of votes you get depending on your Rewards Level – regardless of which subscription package you’re on:

Rewards Level – Applies to all subscriptions/packages MyDStv (Active subscribers only)


Rising Star


Super Star




Rewards Level – Applies to all subscriptions/packages

There’s more, of course. More prizes, to be exact. Every week, everyone who voted using the MyDStv App will be entered into a lucky draw, with one winner walking away with R20 000, just for doing something they were going to do anyway. To top it all, at the end of the season, one lucky MyDStv user will win the big prize: a Renault Duster 1.5dCi INTENSE EDC 4×2 valued at R389 000!

In short, voting on Big Brother Mzansi doesn’t just mean you get to choose which Housemate wins the money – it means you might get to win something, too. For the finer details, simply check out the “Terms and Conditions” section of the Big Brother Mzansi Voting Page, then download the MyDStv App and get your name in the game.

You can VOTE to SAVE your favorite Housemate website HERE