High stakes and big shots in the Idols SA Season 18

Idols SA Season 18 1
Idols SA Season 18 



Whether they are new or returning contestants, the Idols SA audition room is all about high stakes, so here’s our take!

It may sound cliché by now, but we must agree, that luck may well be preparedness meets opportunity. With the return of Idols SA to our screens, the new judging panel has been set on finding the best talent in Mzansi, and undoubtedly, they are carrying the vote!

The first two days of auditions showed that Mzansi is calling for the next chart-topping superstar. Although each audition has been unique – the one thing we found in common about all of the Golden Ticket winners is how they understood their assignment – it’s clear that one should always take a chance when it comes up and shoot one’s shot!



Unlike the hilarious Wooden Mic contenders, we think the contestants that are making it through to Theatre Week have had interesting song choices so far. Most have selected some comfortable and safe audition songs, but if you’re looking to be noticed, we think that theatrics is where it’s at.


Shooting your shot is never an easy task but having the courage to stand in that audition room is not for the weak, so as we gear up for more auditions in the coming weeks, we hope the new talent keeps this momentum.

That said, this season is steadily proving that it’s not going to be a stroll in the park but an expansive experience for the new and returning talent at Idols SA.

Idols SA season 18 breaths of air on Mzansi Magic at 17:30 on Sundays. 

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