hanbee – odd Lyrics

[hanbee – odd Lyrics]

Waiting for you ’cause there’s nobody else
We could be chilling till I gotta dive
Isn’t it funny the world has a place
For people like me?
It all comes to see

Be free
Baby, be free
Baby, be free

It happened over lunchtime, maybe I do
Feel like I’m waiting for the time
It happens, we die, it’s fine
It’s really all right but you freak out all the time
The world would roll fine but really, I do
Think that you could be sad for you
I’m sorry, I’d cry too
But it would mean nothing when all is lost for you

Don’t hate me
Even if I leave, you would be breathing
Walking down the street without a daydream
Falling into sleep within a heartbeat
Don’t be such a baby
Wait in line and you could be amazing
Stop trying to be someone you could be
The world isn’t revolving on your heartbeat
How odd it all may seem

Spiralling down the rabbit hole
Where life doesn’t make any sense
You’re probably new to this world
I’ve already lived in it

Hold on to your life
Upside down and right above
Fall through webs of light
Ride the waves that roll above
Hold on to yourself
Upside down and right above
Keep your candlelight
Burning till the break of light

The world has a place
For people like me
It all comes to see
Be free