Gold Fang – 64 Bars Lyrics

Gold Fang – 64 Bars Lyrics

[Gold Fang – 64 Bars Lyrics]

One ounce mi got right der inna mi pants,
Me ah smoke it out n dem nuh even have ah chance,
Thick body ting, she wink she eye gone of di glance,
f*ck yah mean? Mi nuh duppy, mi lance,
Run it out again,
Wah dem ah chatting bout again?

Now we gone puncture dem
The haters have no doubt again
f*ck dem sappy chappy
Inna city with di macky
Ting ah bust and rock yah body
Big double, no shotty

Man ah poke
Ah no joke
Bo di bobo want di spoke
Me no choke
When me toke
Some ah dem boy smoking coke
Stay afloat like me a boat
Like me deh pon water
Dem boydem playing with fam, come natural disaster
Me affi bun di kush inna me lungs, mi smoking harder
Me waffi shoot, me nah wah fight, mi nah no f*cking barber
Dem say de city getting hot, de youthdem getting hotter
Me wah di money mi dawg that’s why me ah tote di chopper

Me skete off di back, dis ah ragga nah no rapper
Mi always fresh inna my suit like my name dapper
If demboy playing nah we gon hit dem wit da clapper,
We rolling wrong, put dem in the ground, dem boydem getting chop up,
Mi was creeping with de Mac 10,
All my n!gga* strap friend
We was shooting back den
We nuh fraid fi pop dem
Yeah me from the ghetto p*ssy so me affi keep one
Playing with me life yah gwan go pop me gwan go bleep sum


Me nuh ask what di reason
Badman ting, any weather any season
Gwan go play with toys, tell dem naffi play wit me son
Anywhere mi seem dem is on site
Me ah strike
Gwan go lick your bullet straight out da pipe
Me nuh fight
Duppy boy get dropped on sight
f*cking right, me nuh type
Everybody affi duck when me lean
And me affi come empty out di magazine

Huh, f*ck that
Bust shot
When we ah done dem nah bust back
Rock back, gyal affi wine down low, me ah say take cock
Gyal affi wine slow mo
Me ah bruk back
Gyal affi take it off
Talk too much den me wood get soft
Duppy affi chat naffi make me laugh

Mi just buy ah pound me ah chop it in half
Yo, love in de house, slapping yah mouth,
Kill him den move down south,
Pull around di roundabout about de corner
Smoking di stinkiest marijuana
f*ck, watch him dig up di ground me ah farmer
Gold Fang bust kush inna mi hand
Mi no Thor but mi keeping ah hammer
Bust gunshot di ting naffi jammer