Genna – Story Lyrics

Story Lyrics By Genna

(Standing an chat about mi next move)
About mi next move
Oh Genna Genna
Hold on there
Go sand there eh
Ame seh hold on there
Dem used to pal from juvenile still demma pal
Oneside fi di music oneside demma fraud

An Real real gees link up an demma chat
Mana scheme and a scam
Keep it clean ever locked
Street we a dey so we link for lapaz
Genna real to di bone Him an OJ a bond
Him an Oj a Link and a blaze and a frass
So dem link an dem know dat dem a team and a pal

Hold on
Dem never give it to we an we never hold up
Pan dem CCTV an we never show up
Say we gonna grow up
Clip over load up
Now we dey madina tell em mana never sober
So we grind like a team
And di man addicted to di tins dem never see

We school a lotta dem back inna yard inna DC
s*ck your mumma dem if you nah liking how we dweet
Say dem a snake an dem afraid a
Wen dem Violate an I pull an den mash3da
Badman OJ link up di genna genna
Burn bad mind suh we dey where we deh yah
Asuh We Run tin

Got a lotta dem weh a fronting
Counting more money moves anuh flaunting
Nuff tins Mi wan fi do wid di long tin
Stunting but di Badman dema skanking
Seh We Burn tree Anuh burn two mana three
Something dem never know seh we born king
My tin top shot and a ranking
And I sing bie baga tunes anuh

Dem used to learn from di teacher now dem run a class
OJ and Genna dem heart full a frass
Dem a heart full a love
Mana puff and a pass
Kokaina di snake him an k demma pal
Friend we a friend so we hold pan dem hand
And a Sell dem a sell me and OJ Allah

K did a chat and a bie baga slap
Cah di mandem a yobb anuh clip dis a clap
Dem wan kill a man but dem deh a yard (boom)
Cops wan dinner so we link inna yard
Mana snitch all mandem wey a did a chat
Anuh b!tch mana king life real and sad
Dem used to pal from the juvenile still demma pal

Oneside fi di music oneside fi di fraud
Mana scheme an a scam
Keep it clean ever locked
Mana badder than bad
Mana real braggadad
First time inna phantom an I’m flipping em

My n!gga* took their mask of swear to God I ain’t snitching dem
An if it’s more high with codeine I ain’t sipping em
I got all these drugs inna me an I be killing em
I got a kilo
Tell em mana hero
An dem never know eh s3 manhy3 da
An if you never know Ebe Genna Genna
Oh s3 mahy3 da
(Ouu Lord)